openEdWorld – a world about Free / Open Education!

At this page we like to provide some insight into our work in the open education domain; as well as forming a community around this exiting field – thus be welcome to join in!

openEd World is all about open education, open educational services, self-organised online learning courses, peer-to-peer and community based learning ecosystems, open production and innovation networks, or new institutional approaches towards higher educational learning that potentially could provide a powerful means to improve the provision of basically unlimited numbers of learners with higher educational services in a cost-efficient and self-sustainable manner.

We invite you to browse through past and current projects, to take advantage of the comprehensive download section, or to get involved in our upcoming open educational services initiative.

openEdWorld is under the patronage of the CCG@UNU-MERIT team at the United Nations University.

*** New FREE UNU Book: ‘The Why and How of Open Education - With lessons from the openSE and openED Projects’ ***

This UNU Book on ‘The Why and How of Open Education’ is an introduction to Open Education (OE), giving practical guidance on the design and delivery of OE courses while wrestling with theoretical considerations of this new and emerging domain. Educators are the main targets, but it will also be relevant to policy makers, senior education managers and the learning industry as a whole.

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